Khepra Ministers teach classes and workshops in different spiritual communities and offer individualized classes for those interested in ministry and practical application of Universal Principles.

Classes include but are not limited–


• Living from the Absolute
• Ancient Hermetic Principles
• Foundations of New Thought Principles
• Metaphors and Metaphysics
• Mastery of Mind and Heart
• Science and Spirituality
• Mind over Matter
• Going Beyond Imagination
• Beneath the Masks of God
• Global Spiritual Traditions
• African Spirituality

  • Ministerial Modules
    • Building the Beloved Community
    • Appreciative Inquiry for Community Development
    • Global Spiritual Traditions
    • Metaphysical Interpretation of Sacred Texts
    • Dimensions of Consciousness
    • Multidimensional Reality
    • Radical Forgiveness
    • Spiritual Roots of Peace and Prosperity
    • Emerging Science and Ageless Spirituality
    • Quantum Reality and Human Experience
    • Marriage and Family and Soul Contracts
    • Going Beyond Prayer
    • Dimensions of Healing
    • Homiletics in a Modern World
    • Death and Other Transitions
    • Khemetic Spirituality
    • Principles of Sacred Geometry
    • Kabbalah
    • Esotericism: The Hidden Meanings


Beneath the Masks of God: Discovering Universal Truths in Spiritual Traditions from Around the World




The Nature of Your Mulitdimensional Mind:  A User’s Guide to Intuition, Imagination, Intelligence, Prayer and Meditation




Emerging Science and Ageless Spirituality:  Quantum Physics, New Biology, Mysticism, and Transpersonal Psychology



Spiritual Wealth Consciousness: Transform the physical, financial, relational, emotional & spiritual aspects of your life with tools of the Mystics.





Egyptian Roots of Science of Mind and Spirit: Khemetic Universal Principles, Virtues of Ma’at, and other Mystery School Teachings