Core Principles

  • ONENESS. There is ONE CREATOR of all that is in the Cosmos. The ONE is called by many names and is worshiped in many ways with variations of beliefs; yet, the ONE is the SOURCE and the MIND ¬†behind ALL-THAT-IS. ¬†All of Creation exists in Sacred Unity of Being, made of ONE SUBSTANCE. That Substance is DIVINE LIGHT that is everywhere present.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS. The All-and-All is INFINITE and UNIVERSAL MIND. Everything is created first in Mind or Consciousness as an energized idea or image that compresses the Universal Substance into form.
  • EVERYTHING VIBRATES. Everything in Creation is energy in expression. Everything has a signature frequency that signifies its nature and character. Divine Love, Joy, Peace, and Beauty are signature frequencies, characteristics, and nature of the Great Singularity–the Source Creative Presence of All that some call God.

What We Believe
We believe that there is a Unified Consciousness or Singular Intelligent Presence behind and within all of Creation. All that is in the Cosmos is made of One Substance and emanates from One Source. All discord results from the illusion of separation, disunity, difference, and independent identity. We recognize the unity of being, the eternality of life, the infinite potentiality in all sentient beings, the inevitability of divine realization for all, and the possibility for quickening our spiritual restoration through resolved intention and True Understanding. All healing is restoration to the Highest Idea and Perfect Expression of our true nature.

What We Do
We gather together to discuss and experience self-realization, spiritual evolution, expanded consciousness, direct awareness, and personal and collective transformation.