We believe that spiritual revelations have come to human beings in every age and every culture. We honor Universal Truth as the mystics and spiritual Masters have come to know them throughout the ages. We see beyond the “Masks of God” etched and colored by culture; we see the essence of the Nature of the Divine no matter what name is given.

There are thousands of languages on planet Earth.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that there would be thousands of names for the ever-present Source of All-That-Is in the Universe.

We honor the Truth as it shows up in all spiritual traditions. We are open to the WISDOM OF ALL AGES.

One God - Many Traditions

One God – Many Traditions

Unified Beliefs


Khepra Ageless Wisdom

Khepra — the winged beetle is an ancient Egyptian symbol that stands for Transformation, Rebirth, Awakening, and Renewal.

KhepRa (also spelled KhepeRa, Kheper, Kephri) is a human in ancient Egyptian (Kemetan) mythology who discovered that the Presence of the Source Creator is within us–within each of us. KhepRa felt the Light of the Divine Source rising in his consciousness just as the Sun rises at dawn to end the darkness of night. As we allow the Light of the Infinite Presence to arise in our awareness — in our consciousness — we are transformed into that which The Creator intended to be as us: Perfect Love in Action, Perfect Joy in Expression, Intelligence in Operation, Abundant in all things good, Beautiful, and at Peace.

KhepRa symbolizes the awakening of the True Self.


Ankh Ageless Wisdom

At Khepra, we celebrate the Truth that Wisdom and Intelligence are AGELESS. Human beings through the ages have experienced Golden Ages and Dark Ages. Ancient humans discovered scientific and mathematical principles that enabled them to build astounding monolithic structures that represent expertise  that modern humans have not yet exhibited. Ancient humans are the same as we are. The difference from age to age is in the levels of awareness and consciousness. What we pay attention to and what we acknowledge as “possible” and “real” determines the levels of demonstrations and development of scientific and spiritual discoveries, knowledge, skills, capabilities, inventions, artistic expression, and institutional structures. When humans have recognized the essence in themselves and the Universe beyond the appearances at the physical levels– when humans have perceived and acknowledged inner perceptions and inner Intelligence– amazing insights and revelations have emerged.

We recognize Ageless Wisdom discovered and shared across Time and Space — revelations that come from tapping into Infinite Mind — The Infinite Intelligence — THE VERY CONSCIOUSNESS OF THAT WHICH SOME CALL GOD.

We explore “Sacred Geometry-The Language and Fabric of the Universe”– from ancient applications to contemporary discoveries. We study the Flower of Life and Platonic Solids, Phi, Pi, Golden Mean and Golden Proportion, Fractal Geometry, and so much more.