Science and Spirituality


We teach “Emerging Science and Spirituality”, an introductory course in which we explore Quantum Physics, New Biology, Ageless Mystical Teachings, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Modern Science is showing us proof that many things that ancient mystics taught are real. An example of the convergence of science and spirituality can be seen in research that shows that energy “broadcast” from the heart of every person can be measured in frequencies. Ancient spiritual teachers taught that our heart is the center of our spiritual life, and the heart is also the  a place within us where our emotions and our state of mind are registered. We talk about a “broken heart”, “hard heart”, sick at heart”, “strong at heart”, “no heart”, hard heart”, and “soft heart– just to name a few. Those states of mind and heart can be identified in the heart rate variability test. The test shows that the frequency or wave response of someone who is frustrated or angry is spiked and ragged; the heart rate variability wave is smooth when the person is at peace or in appreciation. (

Listen to Gregg Braden who is one of my favorite presenters of information on Science and Spirituality. He adds to the information available at by connecting the scientific information with ancient wisdom.

In our exploration of Science and Spirituality, we look at Dr. Albert Einstein’s exquisite equation, E=MC2 and we realize that modern physics is showing us what many ancient mystics taught: everything in the physical plane — all matter — is made from energy. Matter is energy compressed to the point of materiality. In our reflection on the relationship between Science and Spirituality, we recognize that Energy could be thought of as the Substance of Spirit or Divine Presence, and we could say that Spirit=Mass times (X) the speed of Light squared. We say that matter is the substance of Spirit made physical.

In our explorations of Science and Spirituality we look at the ways in which Science is now validating or substantiating  age old spiritual principles. Our belief is that —

  • Everything in Creation is unified  (in a state of Oneness) by the Omnipresence of the Source Creator; Omnipresence is everywhere present in Its fullness. “There is not a spot where God is not.” (Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind/Religious Science)
  • Everything is made of One Substance and modern Physics is demonstrating that everything is made of the same subatomic particles: human bodies, grace and flowers, rocks and water, stars and planets–yes, every physical thing.

Things that appear to be solid are not as solid as they look. Science  reveals that our Universe is just 4% ordinary matter made of atoms. Dark matter comprises 22% of the Universe; and a remarkable 74% of the Universe is composed of “dark energy”. (Credit: WMAP Science Team)  Dark matter comprises 22% of the Universe; and a remarkable 74% of the Universe is composed of “dark energy”.  Dark Matter and Dark Energy Pie Chart



In our Science and Spirituality class we demonstrated that things that seem to be solid and heavy are not as solid as we think. Watch the video recording from our class.