Alexina Hazzard, Ph.D.

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Parenting
  • Spiritual Partnerships

Dr. Alexina Hazzard Mc Iver is a Transpersonal Counselor and Life Coach who uses Heart-Centered Processes as she counsels individuals, couples, and families. She also facilitates classes, workshops, and retreats for teachers, parents, counselors, ministers, and personal development groups.

Dr. Hazzard has expertise in the areas of family dynamics, parenting and child development, relationship reengineering, and spiritual partnership development. Her professional practice offers a unique blend of counseling and coaching that combine to make her a powerful catalyst for positive change. Dr. Hazzard has taught, coached, and trained educators, parents, adult learners, college students, and children from birth to high school. She holds bachelor and masters degrees in Musca and Education and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling. She was certified as a trainer of trainers in education programs at UCLA and UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. She has graduate coursework in Behavioral Science and Marriage Family, and Child Counseling and has attended continuing education programs in Neuroscience and Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Math-Science Education, Literacy Education, Culturally Relevant Instruction, and Accelerated Learning.

Known in her school district as an astute behavior management specialist, Dr. Hazzard has successfully facilitated behavior change and productivity shifts in low-performing youth with negative behavioral patterns.

For more than 25 years, she coached and counseled parents through prepared childbirth and inner-family dynamics that accompany the new arrival.  Dr. Hazzard has organized, developed, and implemented Parent Institutes attended by thousands of multi-ethnic parents who learned — (1) how “hands on-minds on” strategies impact children’s academic success. (2) what new brain research tells us about child development, (3) how parents can coach their children to academic and personal success.  (4) how to become super-learners for life.

Dr. Hazzard is an ordained minister and ministerial counselor licensed by the International Association of Metaphysical Ministers and Emerson Theological Institute.


In a recent survey of several hundred people who were asked to identify the areas of their lives where they needed help, more than 80% listed RELATIONSHIPS as the number one or number two area of concern.

We live in a constant sea of relationships: professional, social, and intimate. Yet, few of us learn how to create powerful, satisfying, lasting relationships.


  1. See How Easly You Can Find and Manage Fulfilling Relationships.
  2. Strengthen and renew Your Existing Relationships.
  3. Identify and Get Rid of the Beliefs That Hold You Back.
  4.  Live, Work, Learn, and Love from the Heart.