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Maisha Hazzard, Ph.D.

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Business Consultant
  • Personal Counselor/Life Coach
  • Class, Seminar, Retreat/Workshop  Presenter
  • Curriculum Development Professional
  • Mystery School Teacher

Dr. Maisha Hazzard is an innovative educator, behavior change communication specialist, speech writer, counselor, media consultant, and metaphysician. She holds advanced degrees in Communication (Ph.D.); Transpersonal Psychology (Ph.D.); Behavioral Science (M.A.); and Counseling (M.S.C.). Further studies have included International Studies, Telecommunications, Comparative Literature, Cross-Cultural Education, Information Science, Neuroscience, and Metaphysics at various universities and institutes in the United States and West Africa. She spent more than 25 years as a university professor and international consultant and more than 25 simultaneous years writing, directing, performing, and producing in performing arts and media arts programs on five continents. Maisha Hazzard is an award-winning radio producer who has trained writers, producers, and media consultants from more than 30 countries. She has lectured and/or performed in Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Brazil, France, Hungary, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, and India. Dr. Hazzard has served as a consultant to elected officials in the United States and heads of state in countries in the Caribbean and Southern Africa. She taught at Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, University of Toledo, Philander Smith College (Little Rock, AR), California State University-Northridge, University of Guyana, Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, University of the West Indies – Mona, and Polytechnic Institute of the Western Cape-South Africa. Maisha Hazzard has conducted training programs for Voice of America, USAID, CARICOM, and the World Health Organization.

Dr. Hazzard is the daughter of a mystical, metaphysical minister (United Methodist) whose Ph.D. from Temple University was in Sacred Theology and Philosophy. From him, she learned both scholarly and mystical approaches to spiritual investigation and practice. She is a metaphysical minister, ordained in Religious Science at City of Angeles Church of Religious Science and Emerson Theological Institute; in New Thought-Ancient Wisdom at the Agape International Spiritual Center; and in Metaphysical Ministry by the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). She studied world religions and metaphysics at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana; the University of Ibadan in Nigeria; Museu Afro Brasileiro (MAFRO) in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil; the Aquarian Spiritual Center in Los Angeles; and the Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC).

Dr. Maisha served as founding Dean of MECCA—Metaphysical Evolvement Center at City of Angels Church of Religious Science—an affiliate of Emerson Theological Institute. She was the lead Instructor in the School of Ministry there after the transition of Dr. O.C. Smith. As well she wrote the curriculum for the School of Ministry at Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. She was a consultant and trainer of trainers for the Universal Foundation for Better Living and the Johnny Colemon Theological Seminary.

Currently, Maisha Hazzard conducts workshops in school districts and spiritual communities on the brain/heart and learning, power of our subconscious mind, emotional intelligence and emotional healing, strategic intuition, spiritual activism, universal spiritual principles beneath the masks of God, Ancient Egyptian Roots of Science of Mind and Spirit, science and spirituality, and living from the Absolute.

Dr. Maisha speaks……….

Excerpt from I HAD A REVELATION at Agape

[click here for video] Dr. Maisha – “I Had A Revelation” – at Agape Int’l Spiritual Center






FAITH IN THINGS ETERNAL – 2009 at Agape International Spiritual Center – Culver City,CA