Khepra Institute of Applied Metaphysics hosts four weekly programs at

Call in at 760-542-4331 or log in at (search “spiritualactivists”).


  • Dr. Maisha Hazzard talks to us about being a Spiritual Activist in the truest sense by activating the inner Power of Love, Light, and Intelligence that is seeded in us.
  • LOVEFORCE is our life force set  at the frequency of INFINITE LOVE, activated by an understanding of Universal Principles.
  • When we stand in or with LOVEFORCE at the frequency of Absolute Love, nothing can rise against us, and hearts can be shifted from fear to peace and from hatred to compassion and acceptance.

Past topics: “Twelve SuperPowers Seeded in You” – a 14-Part Series; “The High Watch for Spaceship EARTH”; “Nation As a Spiritual Principle”; “Speak Truth to Lies”;  “Beyond the God Wars”; “Moving Beyond Fear”; “Love Force in Action

SUNDAY 6:00 PM (pacific) with Dr. Alexina – “HEART MATTERS

Join Dr. Alexina Hazzard-McIver in a powerful conversation about the radical cleansing energy of Love in enabling us to truly release old hurts and forgive ourselvles for past and present offenses.

TUESDAY 6:00 PM (pacific) [resuming September, 2013] with Dr. Maisha – “HIDDEN MYSTERIES OF SOUL, MIND, AND BODY”

Every Week Dr. Maisha engages us in a conversation about the wonders and the mysteries of our multidimensional life. Who are we really? What are our capabilities really? Look at the powers of intuition, imagination, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, mysticism, extraordinary physical strength, remote viewing, and much much more. What is intelligence?

WEDNESDAY 6:30 AM (PACIFIC) 15-minutes with Dr. Maisha – “A CHAMBER OF PRAYER”

In Universal Consciousness acknowledging the Source-Creator of and in All, Dr. Maisha offers a time for Affirmative Prayer and a Chamber for Collective Prayer. Together we call forth the Omnipresent Good that is available for us all.




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