Rev. Leroy Martin

Rev. Leroy Martin is the youngest child of a mystic and clairvoyant in the disguise of a loving grandmother. For Rev. Martin, spirituality has been a way of life since his early years when his spiritual abilities became evident.  He is a New Thought-Ageless Wisdom minister. He became a youth minister at Universal Liberty in the Christ Truth Kingdom in 1980, and he was ordained in Triumph Church in 1 998 and in Khepra Institute of Applied Metaphysics in 2015.  Rev. Martin serves as a board member of “The School of Prophets” in Triumph Church. He was also a member of the “I AM Men’s Ministry” at Agape International Spiritual Center under the leadership of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from 2007 to 2010.  For the African American I AM Men, Rev. Leroy was a spiritual mentor; he translated the universal spiritual principles into spiritual practices to facilitate healing and transformation.  His understanding of the particular psycho-emotional and spiritual challenges of men in the African Diaspora enabled him to minister specifically to them; yet, he sees his ministry as global and universal.

Rev. Martin has organized churches, centers, and study groups in cities throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He has conducted a plethora of classes, seminars, and worship services on such spiritual topics as Mediation, Prayer, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Evolution, The Metaphysical Meaning of Jesus Teaching, Transcendent Leadership, Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible, Triumphant and Abundant Living, and Healing and Revelation. His approach to teaching and preaching is centered in the development of an Advance School of Spiritual Wisdom that transcends a separatist’s view of World Religions. His teachings are grounded in the Truth of Oneness and in the Sacred Unity of the All and All.

Reverend Martin is currently Senior Minister at God Land Unity Church in Detroit Michigan. He is presently working on his new book entitled Spirituality is Simple.

He is passionately committed to global transformation and to the manifestation of humanity’s highest and greatest expression. Rev. Martin holds degrees in Africana Studies, Business Administration, and Metaphysical Ministry.