“We must become the change we want to see.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)


SOUL FORCE IN ACTION: Spiritual Activism

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Change, even when it is fought for with violence, is a matter of consciousness. Always, there is a movement in mind, a shift in ideas and beliefs that causes people to see a different possibility from the one they have been experiencing. The Spiritual Activist holds a clear vision of the greatest Good for the greatest number — the Greatest Good for ALL. Through the activation of SOUL FORCE or TRUTH FORCE (Satyagrapha)– the Power of Spirit Within — the Spiritual Activist stands firmly in the Truth that FREEDOM, PEACE, AND PROSPERITY are the birth rights of all people.

The victories are through SOUL FORCE rather than violence. NONVIOLENCE IS ALWAYS THE CHOSEN METHOD.


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We honor Dr. King and the many heroes and s’heroes of the Civil Rights Movement for their demonstration of SOUL FORCE IN ACTION. We particularly acknowledge Bayard Rustin, the hidden brilliant strategiest behind the Nonviolent Direct Action of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

Rustin was a co-founder of SCLS and he taught the principles and practices of Nonviolent Direct Action to Dr. King and  the key participants in the boycotts and marches between 1955 and 1968. Raised as a Quaker by his grandmother, Rustin was anchored in peaceful approaches to conscientious elimination injustice and inequality. As well, he traveled to India to explore the “Truth Force” (Satyagraha) practice of Mahatma Gandhi in the Indian Independence Movement.

Dr. Hazzard discusses Bayard Rustin’s SOUL FORCE/TRUTH FORCE tactics and his fundamental principle summed up in this Rustin quote: “To be afraid is to behave as if the truth were not true.”

The crux of the conversation is “Activate Your SOUL FORCE as a Spiritual Activist”.


Spiritual Activists Are Needed Today!

The Spiritual Activist Movement isn’t new. There are many groups around the world that talk about and practice spiritual activism. The unifying points we see in many of the movements are  these:

  • PEACE: To experience Peace in the world, we have to activate Peace within our own hearts towards and for everyone.
  • ONENESS: We are ONE PEOPLE (we are 99.91% genetically the same according to the human genome project); we are all members of a single family of Humankind.
  • EQUALITY: We are created equal. Each human is born with 100% SOUL FORCE. This is the spark of the Infinite seeded in us from the beginning of time. It never goes out, but it only turns from a spark to a blazing flame when we fan the spark with our  awareness, attention, and affection.
  • SOUL FORCE: We use SOUL FORCE or Satyagraha to NONVIOLENTLY demand freedom and equality, justice and peace.  SOUL FORCE  is our life force set  at the frequency of LOVE and activated by an understanding of Universal Principles of Truth: FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND PEACE ARE OUR BIRTHRIGHTS.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: When we stand in or with SOUL FORCE at the frequency of Absolute Love, nothing can rise against us, and hearts can be shifted from fear to peace and from hatred to compassion and acceptance.